Film Premiere on Oland

Published on 24 January 2024 at 07:33

Premiere in Öland action film

The film Fury man, which was produced by Alexandre Ottoveggio and filmed on Öland with mostly Öland actors, premiered on Sunday evening at Folkets Hus in Borgholm. About fifty visitors came to see the film.

Per Dennerporth, one of the actors in Fury man, told a little about the filmmaker and director Alexandre Ottoveggio, who also said a few words himself, before the movie started.

An eventful film with only Öland environments, American cars and with some settlements and some unexpected twists was then rolled out for the audience. Two brothers and a girl get into less good things and therefore end up in trouble.

However, we will not reveal how it all ends here.

After the film, there was applause from the audience and several thanked Alexandre Ottoveggio on his way out of Folkan.

At first I was a little afraid to see how the audience would react to the film, reveals Alexandre afterwards.

But he feels satisfied with the premiere and so were the actors, most of whom were present this evening. They had not seen the entire film before the premiere.

No, I had only seen the trailer. It turned out well, it was fun to see it, says Gunnar Johansson, who is one of the actors.

In honor of the opening night, he had driven his red American, which is in the film, to the screening and parked the car outside the entrance.

Per Dennerporth, who already has experience from acting in films and for SVT, was also satisfied with the end result:

It's a lot of fun working together with Alexandre and you get in good contact with each other in these small productions, he says.

For those who missed the opportunity to see Fury man this time, a second chance is given on November 13.

In addition, reveals Pelle Nyborg at Folkan, they are planning to organize a mini film festival with some of Alexandre Ottoveggio's films in connection with the film week in February.

Article by Carin Svensson

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