Published on 24 January 2024 at 07:28

Drama comedy to be recorded on Öland 

Is it a prank or what the hell is this, I thought, so I googled him. Alexandre Ottoveggio, has appeared in Black Hawk Down and worked with Leonardo Di Caprio and Matt Damon and others and now makes short films that have been successful in American film festivals. Last he had three awards from there. So we sat and talked for four or five hours on the phone and brainstormed ideas, says Daniel Olsson.

Actors are needed for the film, and they will be selected at an audition in the Rällapaviljon on April 13. Now is your chance to become an actor. The roles to be filled are woman 30-35 years old, man about 40 years old, man about 50-60 years old and a policeman as well as Yankee cars and motorcycles. The film must be recorded as early as April 20-21 in order to be ready to be sent to a film festival.

Alexandre is, among other things, an actor, stuntman, filmmaker and composer of French-Italian origin. He is known for the movie Larbi, where he plays the boxer Marcel Cerdan, and the movie Road To Kabul and other movies and TV shows.

I've done stand-in stunts for Leonardo Di Caprio and several other famous actors for many years, but I've stopped doing that because I don't want to get hurt. I am almost fifty years old and have to think about life ahead and I have started to like being behind the camera, says Alexandre.

Article by Lars Stenberg

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