Alexandre Ottoveggio is a committed writer, having previously worked as a screenwriter and receiving

Multiple awards for his screenplays. He has now advanced to a new level of writing and is currently focused on crafting novels. Among his works are the thrilling action drama, "Perils of Liberty"

Which is set between El Paso and Tijuana, as well as other novels like "US Veteran". Alexandre's writing possesses a unique ability to transport the reader into a realm that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. He began his writing journey at the young age of 14, composing songs and poems and later developed an interest in screenwriting while working in the film industry.

Coming soon in 2024 , the novel River of Tears a story about missing indigenous women in Canada 

This year his new masterpiece novel Perils of Liberty , available in 33 countries , feel free to order your book .

Contribution co writing , Marshall G Peterson , Varushka Franceschi

Colin Goodwin and Sean O Neil .


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