Fury Man at the cinema

Published on 24 January 2024 at 07:36

Öland's film premieres this weekend

After auditions, recording and editing, the short film from Rälla is now ready for screening. The director has already started a new film.

On Sunday, the film, Fury Man, will be shown at Folkets Hus in Borgholm. The film is about a robbery and takes place on Öland. Behind the film is the director, stuntman, actor and filmmaker Alexandre Ottoveggio.

He is known from the films Larbi where he played a boxer as well as the film, Road to Kabul. That he has now made a short film on Öland, he explains that he has a need to tell a story.

 It's like a writer who writes but now it's told in a film recorded in the place where I live. We already have another one in the works.

The film has now been cut and will be shown on Öland for the first time.

Many have said they want to see it. We had a shorter version out on YouTube and many people watched it. Now we want to give them the opportunity to see the whole.

When the audition was held, Gunnar Johansson from Ljungbyholm was one of those selected to be in the film.

I play an older man with a pickup truck. It's the first time I've been in a movie and it was fun. Now I'm also in the second film being made, says Gunnar Johansson.

He is looking forward to the film screening on Sunday.

Yes, it feels good. If it's full, you'll be happy, says Gunnar Johansson.

Article by Maria Alåsen

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