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Alexandre Ottoveggio's unwavering dedication to the art of indie filmmaking spans nearly two decades in a splendid display of artistic integrity and commitment. With an astute eye for storytelling,, Alexandre has become an influential figure within the indie film community, inspiring aspiring filmmakers to pursue their creative visions fearlessly. Alexandre occasionally conducted a workshop on Indie filmmaking, where he imparted his film expertise and discussed the art of creating a low-budget film.He described the current difficulty of making films with limited funds, but also shared his strategies for crafting compelling narratives and content on a tight budget. During the workshop, he emphasized the significance of the script and characters in a story, as well as the importance of cinematography and camera movement. Above all, he stressed the crucial need to effectively convey the film's message to the audience in a professional and imaginative manner.

Filmmaking is also a collaborative art form – where the film gets written and edited many times over before you end up with a finished pro The process of filmmaking involves multiple collaborations, as the film undergoes numerous iterations of writing and editing before reaching its final form.duct.

Filmmaking is also a universal Filmmaking serves as a language that transcends boundaries.If your narrative contains themes that resonate universally, provided that your characters possess believability, you can tell your story, in your own language, and People from all corners of the globe will be tuning in to watch it!

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Workshop Program

how to create great characters 

The art of cinematography 

The final film cut 

Camera movement 

Team work 


Film Concept 

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Filmmaking is like a family , we are all connected to the art and creativity.