New Feature film between New York and Sweden

Published on 24 January 2024 at 15:51

Alexandre Ottoveggio's New Feature Film 

Nominated  director Alexandre Ottoveggio is filming in the south of Sweden, as the chosen filming location for Alexandre 's new film, "Last Mile to Paradise." From the unique elements of the storyline to the collaboration with local talent and the impact on the community, join us as we uncover the behind-the-scenes of this cinematic project.

Alexandre Ottoveggio, the acclaimed filmmaker known for his storytelling and bold visual style, is embarking on a new cinematic endeavor. With a string of successful films under his belt, Alexandre has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his ability to create relatable and captivating stories. Now, he sets his sights on the picturesque island of Olands in Sweden, as the backdrop for his latest film, "Last Mile to Paradise"

The Significance of Choosing Olands as the Filming Location

When it comes to selecting a filming location for his projects, Alexandre doesn't settle for anything less than extraordinary. Olands, with its scenic landscapes, charming villages, and rich cultural heritage, provides the perfect canvas for his storytelling. The filmmaker believes that the island's atmosphere and unique Light will add depth and authenticity to "Last Mile to Paradise".To capture the essence of Olands and infuse the film with authenticity, Alexandre Ottoveggio recognized the significance of collaborating with local talent. 

The story 

Alexandre Ottoveggio, known for his award-winning short films, has now taken his filmmaking to a whole new level. Despite having no budget at the moment, he has embarked on creating a feature film. The initial scenes were filmed in New York, while the second part of the story unfolds in Sweden. The film follows the journey of Marco, a man who used to work for a crime organization. One day, he made the bold decision to leave everything behind and start afresh elsewhere. However, his former clan family did not accept his departure, leading to a contract being placed on Marco's life. To escape the danger, Marco left New York and sought refuge in Sweden, where he began a new life under a new identity.

The international cast 

Alexandre Ottoveggio assembled a team of skilled actors for his latest project. Among them is Jeff Moffitt, a rising star who previously collaborated with the director on the short film Paradise River, which was shot in upstate New York. Steven Komito, an actor with a notable presence in American TV series and feature films, also joined the cast. Additionally, talented actors from Sweden, including Ralf Beck, a highly respected figure in Stockholm's film industry, were brought on board. The team also includes local actors from the Island Oland, namely Per Dennerporth, known for his role in Alien Activity, and Erik Arvidsson, recognized for his performance in Fury Man. Alexandre Ottoveggio himself takes on the lead role, showcasing his acting and directing skills. Varushka Franceschi, known for her work in When it is not your time and on the road to you, is another notable addition to the cast. She hails from New York but currently resides in Sweden.

The Music Composer 

The exceptional music in the film Last Mile to Paradise is created by the highly skilled and acclaimed Andreu Jacob, who is not only a talented multi-instrumentalist but also a multiple award-winning artist. His distinctive style has infused the movie with a fresh and invigorating energy.

They started the film in July 2023 with no budget at all, complicating the filmmaking process. However, the director-actor Alexandre didn't give up. He took his project very seriously, investing a significant amount of time and energy into it. Alexandre even altered his physical appearance, growing a beard and medium-length hair, losing some weight, and staying in good shape for the role. This film is not just any ordinary film; it is a challenge that the determined director decided to undertake. They filmed throughout the summer, spring, and winter, enduring harsh conditions with lots of snow and cold. Currently, they are in the process of completing the film.



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