Zombie Boogie

Published on 24 January 2024 at 07:21

Wanted: 500 zombies on Öland for new movie Zombie Boogie 

Film director Alexandre Ottoveggio plans to record a zombie comedy on Öland. He needs, among other things, 500 zombies for one of the film's crucial scenes.

 I sat here and had lunch a few weeks ago when I got the idea for the movie, says Alexandre Ottoveggio when SVT Nyheter Småland meets him next to the ancient remains at Karum's alvar on Öland.

I thought, "OK! We do it!"

Made in Hollywood

Alexandre Ottoveggio has been living in Öland for ten years. He is passionate about filmmaking and has produced several short films himself, starred in TV series such as "Banged up abroad" and "Ben Hur" and also worked in Hollywood where he worked as a stuntman in the movie "Inception".

His latest project is called "Zombie Boogie". The story revolves around an island zombie hunter.

 His job is to kill dozens of zombies every day. And he is married to a woman who is half vampire, half zombie.

The idea is that "Zombie Boogie" will be a short film that will serve as a pilot episode for a TV series. The film has no budget to speak of. Hence he needs voluntary extras to play zombies.

However, Alexandre Ottoveggio is used to financing his own films and is not worried.

- I want to do something good. But if I get no support and have to sell my car, I sell my car. It's very important for me to make the movie. The islanders are fantastic and I want to give them a good movie as a gift.

Source: svt

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